Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Remember Whensday

I would have to stretch things a great deal if I were to say that I remember when this picture was taken because I was still wherever souls are before they are born to this earth.

It is my mother and father in their courting days, - ca 1922.

I have captured the picture from a larger print, taken outside the house on the prairie that my Grandfather built for his family, before they emigrated from England.

Here is my mother and father, my father's sister, two of my mother's sisters' one of her brothers and a couple of people that were just along for the ride.

The house in the background is still occupied. If you want to get the streetcar to go into Calgary there is no longer that long walk across the prairie, past the gopher holes, and away down the hill to where the streetcar stops. It looks quite modern now, but the actual structure hasn't changed that much. The grandparents slept in the top right hand room, with the door opening out on to the balcony. It is where children cosied up between them for a morning cup of tea. Saucered and blown.

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  1. What a cute couple your parents were, very nice story. Also loved your combined bio.

  2. Shades of days gone by. I am a bit younger than you two, but nevertheless I remember quite a lot of some long forgotten times. I am a Prairie chicken (Alberta) born and raised. Lucky enough to spend the first twelve years of my life on a homestead -belonging first to my Grandfather and later to my father. I have not yet figured out how to get the pictures I have into my computer (scan I guess) and then transfer them to my blog. But you have inspired me to get on it! I love the pictures of the flowers on the gardening blog. U;nfortunately, I don't have a garden to work in, but I can vicariously enjoy your garden! Thank you. Shirley

  3. Real "Little House on The Prairie" stuff. I love this way of learning history.
    The old photographs are great.